Broadband News: Fibre (almost) Lands in Irby

Up and down the country many people are feeling the need for speed — and they’re getting it too.

So what about us: 0151 648 Irby Village?

The long promised benefits of increased broadband speeds over ten times the current national average will help avoid arguments over who gets to watch BBC iPlayer, download the latest movie or Skype relatives over the pond. It will make work and play faster and more productive than ever.

Have you noticed the small roadworks on the corner of the road near yours? Well that’s BT and it’s contractors rushing to meet our nations targets for the rollout and the good news? SOMETHING is finally happening!

Our friends and family in neighbouring towns and villages have had the luxury of this upgrade for some time, others are waiting as patiently eagerly as us. BT has delayed this process for years pushing back the deadline time after time. So one recent morning we geeks of the village smiled when we drove into work and noticed busy beavers digging up all over the show. After checking multiple sources we can happily confirm the following:

  • Irby’s telephone exchange has been upgraded
  • Telephone street cabinets have started to be replaced
  • Some 648 areas can now order superfast fibre broadband
  • BT have set a new date: September 2014 for the completion of the rollout
  • BT fibre cabinets will not reach everyone*
  • 2 Cabinets active to date updated 23.07.14

So it’s good news but not perfect. BT keep their lips sealed on what’s going on at street level making it a guessing game for now — and not a particularly fun one…


PS – When we’re able we will be getting FTTP (translation: even faster than standard fibre) with speeds of 330mbps (translation: alot) helping us to speed up our wirral computer repairs that require ever increasing downloads for software, updates, backups etc.

*BT say it’s not viable/profitable to upgrade everyone everywhere. The more remote or least populated areas are likely to be sacrificed for now. We’re not alone either and waiting for the upgrade just like you!

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