Layne Timber Systems

Layne Timber Systems is part of the Safety Layne Investments Group of Companies. The Managing Director and Managers have a wealth of experience in the timber frame construction industry. Chairman of the Layne Group, Frank Brennan, first started in the construction industry with ‘Castle Oak Construction’ in 1994 and co-founded a Timber Frame Construction Company 2002.

Layne Timber Systems is bringing together over 200 years of building and design experience to provide the future house building market with easy, speedy, affordable solutions to House Builders and Contractors. From our purpose built unit in Merseyside and using only timber from sustainable sources, that means PEFC and FSC registered supplies, we can manufacture what you need, when you need it and at a price that keeps you competitive.

Not only do we manufacture the floors, the walls and the frames but we will supply a full quotation for the roof as well. Making your building water tight in the fastest possible time. Our design team will help your meet your clients energy efficiency requirements to their sperfic values. Plus, our fully trained and experienced staff will also erect them as well, giving you, a complete design, manufacture and installation service.

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